Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recap: Blog Better Boston

This past Saturday was a new and unforgettable experience for the three of us.  Over a month ago, we purchased tickets to a style summit entitled "Blog Better Boston," and had no idea what to expect.  The event was hosted at the Boston.com headquarters and could not have been better organized.  The three of us were split into different groups, yet were able to soak in the same inspirational information from various workshops throughout the day.  Here were some of the main takeaways:

Session A: Media Kit Creation by Tieka
  • Your media kit should contain all of your stats
  • You don't need to be "big" number-wise to stand out! Appeal is all about fit!
Session B: Fashion Photography by Hunt's Photography
  • Basics (posing techniques, use of color settings, etc) to best highlight your subject
We then laughed over lunch with some fabulous ladies...

Bonus Session 1: Finding your Voice through Instagram, by Smita
  • Ten (secret) tips for shooting your subject
  • Treat your photos as you would with an actual camera
Bonus Session 2: How to Create Partnerships with Brands, by Kristen
  • Use your media kit as your calling card
  • Master the "pitching process"
Session C: Simple Design Elements to Enhance Your Blog, by Alison
  • Suggestions for free font tools
  • Be sure you're selling YOU
Session D: Developing a Content Calendar, by Julie
  • Defining balance vs. fit
  • Set time aside to nurture other passions and remain inspired

The entire day was informative, interactive, and was extremely helpful as our introduction into the Boston blogging community.  This truly hit home, since solidifying Boston's voice in the blogging world is part our our mission statement.  Even speakers from out-of-state confirmed that Boston is a diamond in the rough with regard to this tight-knit clan.  We could have guessed based on the kindness of those we met in person!  

Some of our new gal pals you have to check out include: Alana, Amanda, Amy, Christina, Emily, Georgina, and Kelsey, just to name a few! Words cannot express the creativity and personality that overwhelmed the entire summit in the best way possible.  We can't wait to spend more time with them at future Boston Blogger Meet-Ups!

This day truly got us inspired for another first, a very {BIG} venture and goal of any blogger, ALT Summit!  More on that to come!  For now, we're pinching ourselves!

- Meredith


  1. Meredith! So nice meeting you and the other girls on Sat!
    Thanks for the shout out :)
    Hope your camera is treating you well?

  2. I hate calling you the JUGS girls because it seems like I am degrading you haha but in actuality I think you and your name are awesome! So awesome meeting you guys and can't wait to keep an eye on ya!

  3. Loved meeting you ladies!! So glad you're now a part of the community. And my oh my, how I'd love to go to ALT Summit! xo

  4. @Smita Incredibly nice meeting you, too! Needless to say, the camera still hasn't been charged... top of my priority list, though!

    @Amanada Are you kidding? We love it! We own the name proudly, even the twitter followers with their head in the gutter. Lovely meeting you and we look forward to future events together!

    @Emily Great meeting you, too! We're thrilled to be welcomed with open arms by everyone! We'll sure to post a recap of ALTSummit! Still in shock that we're all going!

  5. So bummed to miss BBBos this year! Sounds like a great day, once again :)