Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who's That Gal: Molly Rosner of American Dream House

A few weeks ago Meredith, Cameron and I were fortunate enough to meet up with one of Boston's newest talent, Molly Rosner of American Dream House. What Molly has accomplished is, in my opinion, mind boggling. When I was a senior in college I couldn't even fathom graduating, let alone starting a company on my own before graduating, which is exactly what Molly did. Even more impressive is that she has stuck with it and is growing at a rapid rate with the help of her "Dream Team." We caught up with Molly and her CEO, Melanie Hasenzagl, to hear more about the growing pop artist and force behind ADH.

Hi Molly! We are in awe of American Dream House and that you have built a company so fresh out of college. What advice would you give other budding artists that want to turn their passion into a career?
MR: I always think of this phrase, “cash in on your passion.” Basically it’s really important to stay focused on what you enjoy doing because you’ll want to do it more. Don’t get discouraged by mistakes. I made so many, especially in the beginning, and it cost the company money. If you get caught up in that it can make the whole experience even more intimidating. Also I try to keep myself in the bubble of American Dream House so I don’t compare myself to everyone else that’s out there. It’s a huge world and there’s so many artists out there trying to start their own businesses so I try to focus on my own stuff.

How do you balance managing your business, marketing team, painting, and having a social life?
MR: Mel can back me up that I am not the most organized person! I am very chaotic so she has helped so much. Before Mel stepped in I was the creative force and the CEO and things weren’t really getting done because I couldn’t balance it. Mel, and the whole Dream Team, which is everyone that works on Dream House, are essential to us staying on track. It’s also  just hard adjusting to how other people work. Like I do everything at the last minute and I can see the panic in my team members’ faces when we get down to a deadline and nothing appears to be getting done. I think it’s just an overall balance of everyone working together and adjusting to each others' tendencies.

MH: Since the team is getting bigger we wrote down everyone's titles so that we know who is responsible for what and supervising whom. We assign tasks like social media outlets to specific people so they can really focus on one specific area and the little tasks involved within. We try to split it up as best we can. We also have advisers to help with the business and creative side and just help delegate tasks. July is very busy so this has been helping a lot.

How did you form the "Dream Team?"
MR: When I first came up with the concept in October [2012] my first thought was “you can’t do this alone.” Basically I was in recruiting mode and every single person I came in contact with I was like “this is what I’m going to do, do you want to be a part of it?” I tried to get them really excited about it. Then I asked them what their skills are and how they could help. We lost a lot of people along the way but since we’re gaining a lot of momentum, people are now reaching out to us, volunteering and offering their skills because they genuinely like what we’re doing.

Its been a couple months since graduation - so we’re curious, how do you like the shift to working at American Dream House full time?
MR: I’m the only full full time person and there is one other artist who is my right hand girl this summer. She just decided, this is going to be my internship and she is going to dedicate herself to ADH. It’s hard for me personally to adjust because, like I said, I need some structure. When it’s up to me I’m like “oh no, how  do I split up my day?” But as we’re getting going now it’s getting easier and now we have projects that I have deadlines for. When I first graduated I was in a few weeks of depression from school being over and I was like “I can’t do this!” Honestly, Mel has been a godsend.

MH: Yeah our hours are still pretty flexible and our team members work from all over and at all different times. A lot work from home because they can do social media at their own homes etc. We have a good schedule and a lot of check in's, which has really helped.

Where do you look for inspiration?
MR: I look for inspiration pretty much anywhere I go. Since we’re doing commercial art I’ve been focusing a lot on signs and packaging on anything - candy, soda, beer. If I see a color combination randomly that I really like, I’ll just jot it down. I’m pretty much just always looking around me. And then of course magazines, I get a lot of ideas from magazines.

How has Boston influenced you as an artist?
I don’t know so much if it was the city. Obviously I learned everything I know about art from school [BU] so I guess that is the biggest factor. And then of course everyone I’ve met, all of the Dream Team, I’ve met here, so that is why Boston has been such a big factor in building the foundation of this company.

In digging through your mental art archive, what is your favorite piece of artwork, and why?
This is hard. It changes. There is this painting by Roy Lichtenstein where there is this woman, it’s very comic-book style, and she looks like a barbie and she is drowning. There’s a speech bubble that says something like “Save me, Brad” and it’s a great painting because it’s very pop art, but also because it throws you right into the height action and that's what I want my paintings to do. The attitude of that is what inspires me.

Do you see yourself diving more into home decor or fashion-focused realms in ADH’s future productions/collaborations?
That’s been something that has been very difficult for me this summer. It just occurred to me that we are making pop art and I just want that to be the brand, so it’s kind of wherever that will fit in. Right now we are redecorating a reception area for a tanning salon, like bringing the art in there so that is one way we are doing home decor. And then there’s Etsy, I feel like we could totally fit in there and even if clients want to come to us for logo design, merchandise, and really wherever pop art is needed.

Will you accept requests for commissioned pieces?
Yes, absolutely.


Meal in Boston
I love sushi so sushi from Fins.

Gallery in Boston
I don’t like most poster gallery on Newbury, I forget the name.

Place to see a movie

Place to go for a stroll
Newbury Street

This or That:

Pencil or Sharpie

Hub way or your own bike
My own bike, if I had one!


What are you reading now
Divergence - it’s kind of like the hunger games

For more information on Molly, Melanie and the rest of the Dream Team follow them at @americandreamhouse. Also stop by Pavement on Boylston street to see their latest exhibit!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Craigslist Hidden Treasures: DIY Color Pop Coffee Table

When you move and have finally paid of your first/last month's rent, security deposit, and moving fees, the last thing you want to do is blow your meager grocery budget on crappy Ikea furniture. Instead, the JUGs keep their eyes peeled for Craigslist hidden treasures. Not only is buying furniture off craigslist wicked cheap, its also green because you are preventing something from ending up in a landfill.

I purchased this butler style coffee table for $30 from Craigslist. It had a few stains and scratches, but nothing that a $4 can of spray paint couldn't fix! First, I removed the top of the table, scrubbed it, sanded parts that were rough, and put masking tape over the hardware. Then, created a tarp out of old paper grocery bags on my roof, and sprayed the table top. I let the first coat dry for about 45 minutes before applying the second coat of purple spray paint. Waited about and hour....and...Voila!!!

- Cameron

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Week of July 29th


Welp, Monday is here yet again.  Before you get back to the grind, here are this week's happenings:

Last week we posted about this quintessential summer item.  Today is the last day for entries, so be sure to participate on b'ding!

I feel lucky enough to be attending the Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake concert in a few weeks (pictures to come!) with some fellow JUGs.  Have you heard Hova's latest album he recently released?  If not, check it out here.  Although I hope he features a lot of old school jams, I'd love if he plays "Holy Grail" and "Tom Ford." Do you have other favorites from either artist?

Where in the world has Pippa been?  Other than the question of who will be royal godparents of Prince George, Pippa seems to be staying under the radar...

The time has come for me, after living in a place for four years (same amount of time as college, YIKES), I am finally moving to a new abode.  I have already spent countless hours with ideas of how to plan out the space.  Most of all, I just cannot wait to sun and hang out on the roof deck! #itsthelittlethings.  For now, I am trying to pair down what I own, and sell whatever I can for the move to be as easy as possible.  Any moving tips would be appreciated!  I forgot what a hassle the process is!

Popular opinion recommends buying home wares during this time of year for the best prices, so I am constantly looking for the next great deal/DIY!  Hopefully there will be a tax-free weekend in August like there usually is, so I can do most shopping at that time.

The Patriots have already gone through a lot this year, before the season even begins.  The JUGs are looking ahead to potentially attending a preseason game.  Here's a look at our boys at training camp... I'll have to start scouting my fantasy football picks pretty soon!

I'm attending two Sox games this week, one tomorrow night and one (with Cameron and Suzanne) Wednesday night... check out our Instagram account for more!

- Meredith

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday's True Confession: I Bring Hair Products to the Beach

What more can I say? Along with magazines, sunscreen, towels and shades, I bring hair products to the beach. So what! I still consider myself low maintenance, but what's a girl to do? I might go out after the beach! These dreadlocks have got to be tamed into "beach waves."

For the best and softest beach waves I have been bringing a leave in conditioner to apply after the salt water. Currently I have been using the Paul Mitchell Moisture Mist that was recommended to me by my boy S at Supercuts. "Oh girl, your hair is thirsty," he said. Whatever, S, point taken.

Spray, comb, clip and boom. Glamorous!

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5   //  6  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

JUGs Approved Bachelorette Party Inspiration

Forget the vulgar decor and the cheesy games of pin the %$&! on the hot guy. Make your soon-to-be-married friend proud by throwing her the sweetest, most memorable bachelorette party ever. I am attending my very first bachelorette party tonight, and it is sure to be a classic and wonderful affair. Afterall, all a good bachelorette party really needs is good friends, the bride's favorite cocktail, a fun (and not cheesy) game or activity, and nostalgic photos of the bride's days as a single gal!

How to plan a classy bachelorette party and WIN some fabulous prizes for a girls staycation in Vancouver!
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

- Cameron

Friday, July 26, 2013

Gal Gab: Safety Tips for City Living


TGIF, especially after a jarring week here in Boston.  Amy Lord, 24, was kidnapped and killed after her attacker had her withdraw money from various ATMs in the South Boston area, on her way to the gym. Without being experts on this topic, we cannot stress enough how important awareness is when living in a city.  Sure, there are multiple tips to remember.  It is unfortunate that tragic stories snap us back into reality when we may be a bit too comfortable in our city, ignoring the potential dangers that may be around us.

We hope you take a few minutes to read through tips and change something about your attitude when you may be walking home alone at night.  Please comment or tweet with something you believe may be helpful to other readers. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Lord family.

- Meredith

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Kitchen House Inspiration: A Modern Take on Velvet

Think velvet is merely a dated style of the 18th century? I used to too but after reading The Kitchen House and about Lavinia's lavish 18th century velvet decor, velvet has been on my mind. Maybe it's because fall is right around the corner or maybe just because it's in the back of my head, but I have been seeing it everywhere! I guess I shouldn't be so surprised as the fabric really does fit in so easily in modern interiors. It's soft, luxurious yet can be downplayed, and rumor has it is very easy to clean. As a high style trend for fall 2013, velvet is bound to pop up in all places of style from fashion to interiors. Keep your eyes out for steals versus splurge items like the ones I've gathered above!

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  //  10  //  11

- Suzanne

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Top 10 Takeaways from Media Math's Future Series Event

Earlier this month, Meredith, Suzanne, and I attended Media Math's Future Series event at the Liberty Hotel. The keynote of the evening was given by Adam Grossman, SVP of Marketing for the Red Sox. He was an insightful speaker, and his marketing advice can be easily applicable for any Boston gal trying to make it in business! Here are our top 10 pieces of marketing advice from the night:

-Apathy is worse than anger in marketing. This makes sense right? I mean, we've all heard the phrase "there is no such thing as bad publicity." Use any negative commentary as a guide for how to communicate the positives (Red Sox example: What's Broken Can Be Fixed).

-Communicate authentically and directly. With social media tools like twitter, facebook, and blogs, communicating directly at a personal level is easier than ever, and audiences love it.

-Engage and grow your fanbase. Engagement spreads. The more followers you have on various media outlets, and the more active they are, the more potential fans will want to follow you.

-Build faith by appealing to emotions. Build passion in your message. For Adam Grossman, that one is easy, because:

-Stamp your message. Whats the point of getting your message out to the public if people don't end up knowing where it is coming from!

-Delete clutter in your message. Build a clear, succinct mission statement.

-An image is worth 1,000 tweets

-Figure out what your fans need and offer it to them without losing authenticity. Grossman was able to do this by offering wifi at Fenway. What do your consumers want that fits within the constraints of your mission statement?

-Use analytics as a compass. Aren't sure what your fans want? Track what garners the most interest by paying attention to your web analytics.

-Reward loyalty. This means different things for different businesses, but your supporters are what make your business possible and you should thank them accordingly.

As the JUGs continue to meet young career gals through our "Who's That Gal" series, we look forward to seeing these marketing and business tips at work!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

JUGs-approved trend: The Beaded Tank

tanks (all under $100): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7
dresses (both under $200): 8 // 9

One huge trend this summer hitting stores everywhere is the beaded tank.  All of the above add pizazz to an outfit while sticking to your budget.  The detailed handwork truly shows, they can be dressed up or down, and seem to be an appropriate weight for muggy New England summer days into nights.  Which is your favorite out of my picks?

- Meredith

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Week of July 22

Monday, sigh...let's get it started.

Did you gals see our post this Saturday? We've teamed up with Boston Design Guide and are giving away the ultimate summer accessory, an outdoor grill! Don't have a roofdeck or outdoor space of your own in the city? Enter anyways and "loan" it to your parents. You'll be the #1 daughter, we promise. More details on how to enter here

We have a great music / show week ahead of us! My girl B's show, The Mrs. Carter Show, hits TD Bank on Tuesday. Be sure to look around for any extra tickets on ticketmaster or stub hub. Maybe try to even scalp a few? 

After Beyonce's jams wind down the weekend with some country at the Country Street Fest at House of Blues. I have been to a few HOB street music fests and can confirm that they are a a great time, and super cheap - tickets are only $25.

Not in the mood for tunes? Get your laugh on with one of my favorite comedians and twitter personality, Rob Delaney at the Wilbur Theater on Friday.

As someone who is moving on the dreaded 9/1 I am awfully troubled by all the summer interior design sales going on. Do I purchase everything now and have it collecting dust in my current apartment or do I wait to be all settled? Thoughts? Some sales I'm currently stalking are going on at: West Elm, Serena & Lily, and Pottery Barn.

The Emmy nominations are out! Who is everyone pulling for? (I vote everything Homeland!)

B L O G   T A L K
Erin Gates posted about these lovely beach paintings and now they're mostly all sold out! Definitely keeping my eye on Teil Duncan's work from now on!

Speaking of moving and interior decor, The Everygirl is giving away a $5000 Dream Room Makeover and a $1000 Room Styling. Yes, those numbers are correct. Enter, enter, enter!

Did everyone have a nice weekend? We hope so! Enjoy the week, gals!

- Suzanne

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday's True Confession: I'm a Local Theater Junkie

1 // 2 // 3

Nerdy, yes, but I love seeing plays. I love all types of theater, with my particular favorite genre being musical comedies; my ultimate fav is The Drowsy Chaperone - if you haven't seen it - you must! It is hilarious. The best thing about seeing shows in the Boston area rather than on Broadway, is that you are supporting locally-based actors and hobbyists while also giving the local arts economy a boost. Along with my family, I've been a season ticket holder at the North Shore Music Theater for 3 years (my parents have been going for about 20!). I also go to many amateur shows by Moonlight Productions which performs around my home town. 
Now please excuse my while I jam out to my Broadway station on Pandora.....

Saturday, July 20, 2013

JUGs + Boston Design Guide = giveaway!

via b'ding

Happy weekend, all!  We are still experiencing a heat wave in Boston, so today we're presenting you with the ultimate summer accessory, an outdoor grill!  We are teaming up with one of the best sources of home design in New England, Boston Design Guide.  Talk about fantasy living.  After you've drooled over some of the fantastic featured homes (their 2014 issue is coming out soon!) on their blog, b'ding, enter their contest.

The gorgeous Lynx outdoor grill they are giving away brings serious style to any summer abode (or, Hubitats as we like to call them). Here is what you need to do:
To Enter:
• Sign up online at
• Pin your favorite images on the sign up webpage to Pinterest
• Submit to win
You can enter one time every day! Good luck!
- See more at:
  • Sign up online at
  • Pin your favorite pictures featured on the sign up website
  • Submit (Pin it to win it!)
via b'ding

The contest has been extended until Monday, July 29th, and you're able to enter daily for your chance to win.  We are off to our pinterest page to do the same!

Good luck!

- Meredith

To Enter:
• Sign up online at
• Pin your favorite images on the sign up webpage to Pinterest
• Submit to win
You can enter one time every day! Good luck!
- See more at:
To Enter:
• Sign up online at
• Pin your favorite images on the sign up webpage to Pinterest
• Submit to win
You can enter one time every day! Good luck!
- See more at:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Love It or Hate It No. 3

What do you gals think of this Spring / Summer's trend of white nails? Love it? Hate it? Tried to do it yourself? Tell us! We're dying to know!

- Suzanne

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Discussion Questions for Kitchen House

1 // 2 // 3

JUGs book club just finished reading Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. I, for one, LOVED this book. It was a fast-paced page turner that was both heart-wrenching, and inspiring. Do you feel that way? Maybe not? Lets discuss:

1. Grade the book, A-F.

2. Who is most to blame for Marshall's heinous actions in the book. Should Marshall alone take responsibility? What roles did the tutor, Rankin, Miss Martha, and the Captain play?

3. As Lavinia grew up, did you find her a sympathetic character, or could she have done more to help herself and those around her?

4. Was the relationship between Ben, Belle, and Lucy sustainable? Realistic? How did they make it work?

5. Why did the author tell the story through two narrators? If you could pick a different character to narrate their story, who would it be?

6. How is Lavinia's life reflective of Miss Martha's? Belle's?

7. In what other ways did history repeat itself in the book?

8. Kitchen House is often compared to The Help even though it takes place about 160 years earlier. What are the similarities and differences between these two stories? What does this comparison say about social change in the U.S.?

9. Lets finish up with a fun one. This novel would make an awesome movie. What actors/actresses would you pick to play each role?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who's That Gal? Marthé Teixeira of Stixs & Stones

Marthé (Mar-tay) Teixeira is a name with which you need to become familiar.  I first met her a few months ago after attending a local event, and could tell that she was a gal we just HAD to feature!  Marthé is a life and wellness coach who mentors young (yes, our age group, too!) women in their discovery of self-image, individual health, self-confidence and even bridal prep prior to their big day.  Before we dive into what was a chill and fun interview, read up on Marthé here.
On your site it says your originally were headed toward a career in film and entertainment, can you please tell us about your career journey and how you ended up where you are today?
I landed what I thought would be my dream job, which was working on a movie set.  Being a producer's assistant, I knew I was going to basically be doing whatever they wanted me to do, whatever that was, but I didn't realize how long the hours were.  We'd start at 6AM, end at 2AM, and I learned a lot, but that's not what I really wanted to do.  It was a huge awakening for me because I had been through a lot in my early 20s and throughout college, so I knew that I had this passion for helping girls.  I thought, 'how can I make this my job?' ...because it's not entertainment.  The entertainment industry is so fake, and that's not who I am.  This isn't me, and I didn't want people to get that message.  So, anyway, I found out about life coaching, as I didn't have the desire to go back to school to become a guidance counselor.  I went to LA and got certified to be a life coach, and got certified to be a wellness coach.  Now, I work with teen girls and young women being a life and wellness coach, basically women empowerment and positive self-esteem and all of that good stuff!

So, once you had your degree, what were the first steps you took in starting your own business?
Everyone said, even if you don't know what you're doing, get a website.  Don't be afraid to put yourself out there.  ...So I wanted a cool name, I didn't just want a stupid name, like "LIFE COACH," I wanted it to be kinda cool, so I really fell in love with "Stixs and Stones" because of the saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."  I thought that was really cool, it sticks, and girls will think I'm cool!  I wanted girls to be like, "okay, she's hip, she's not just some older woman trying to tell me what to do.  So I found the name, did the website, created my logo, and just started emailing and networking.  I tell girls I coach who are in college that it is so important to network.  I never realized how important it was, just sending out emails, making connections, not being afraid to being shut down. Plant the seeds and see what grows!

Did you get your first job offers and clients through the website, then?
I actually reached out to Waltham Daily newspaper, told them what I was doing,you know, I'm helping girls with self-esteem, and they really liked the topic, so they did an article on me, since I was working at the Boys & Girls club.  So I said 'hey, do you think I could do a monthly article for parents to write into for advice?' ...since I love to write.  I've been doing that for a year and a half and I get a lot of clients through that.  The article gives me credibility since it shows parents I know what I'm talking about.  Now, I blog for TeenLife, Your Teen Mag, Bodimojo, Elevated Existence magazine and have done guest blogs for various companies.

From your experience, what do you think the most important thing someone should consider before someone starts their own business?
I almost want to say, don’t be afraid to take the leap?  But I also want to say that you have to be strategic.  I mean, the good thing is that I'm married, and have my husband's support.  I think I'd be really nervous just quitting my job (which I did recently, after starting Stixs & Stones).  It's absolutely about following your passion, because who, at the end of the day, wants to be stuck at a job they hate?  Along with that and making sure you're making those smart steps forward (along with having a safety net) are all important.  I always want to encourage people to "just do it!" but that's just me, and I think a lot of people are afraid of that.  Fear is actually good.  The unknown is good.

What is the most unexpected way live has changed since becoming a wellness coach?
I think it's made me be really honest and face my insecurities.  In being a mentor, I can't say one thing and not follow that.  I had an eating disorder and used to weigh myself all of the time, still do, not as much and I know it's a bad habit.  If one of my clients admits to weighing herself 10x a day, I tell her how that is not good, but I can't tell her "no" if I'm doing it too, so it keeps me in check.  I am being a mentor for girls and women, and I have to practice what I preach! 

Who do you look up to for inspiration in your career and in your personal life?
My mom, for both.  My mom is definitely my best friend and is the person to tell me if I've messed up, but is also my biggest cheerleader.  She's always honest with me, so I know I can always go to her... and be like "What do you think of this?" ...and she'll be like "What are you even thinking?!" or she'll say "Go for it!" 

I know when I was at a crossroads in starting to build my business while working full time, and considered quitting my job and would lose a lot of my income, she encouraged me to do it.  My mom has always been an entrepreneur.  She lives out in California, and it's so hard being a female in business, but she is SUCH a bulldog now.  I'm learning so much from her because sometimes I think I'm too nice and let people get away with things.  She's definitely my inspiration in people who have made it.  She just up and moved to LA to start her own business as well, so career-wise too, I have that with her.  And she can tell me "What the hell are you thinking," You know?

What do you think is the best piece of career advice she has given you?
Oh, wow, there's a few.  Starting my own business and making new connections every day were scary to me.  In the first year of business, I was getting bummed out that more wasn't happening because I was networking like crazy, doing workshops and meeting people.  My mom told me to be patient.  She was absolutely right--patience is so important!  Also, she has always told me to follow my passion, which has gotten me to where I am today.

Who is the most inspiring woman in your life thus far (that's probably your mom)?
Yeah, my mom.

Who and what are healthy and positive influences for women?
I think that's really rare, trying to find some.  

Yeah, that's why we were interested to see you have a background in entertainment and communication, as so many companies seem to promote negative life influences...
Yeah, and seeing the behind the scenes is so crap.  One time, we were filming a scene in the movie, and had a lot of extras... we had to fill the stands to look like a NJ Nets game... and when I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, there were all of these young girls throwing up!  It's not like they were even actresses (which is sadly normal for that industry), they were just basically paid to be in the movie and to be unseen.  So, it just hit home how that is not the message I want girls to receive.  

I really like companies like "I'm That Girl," and I don’t really turn to celebrities, I mean, Demi Lovato, because I like her honesty, and I think it's nice that she's been open with what she has dealt with, but I can't think of anyone in entertainment or athletes.  Really, I think it's just real people you see that are struggling and to see what they have overcome who are the most inspiring.

We love your service of offering your clients their individual "roadmap" to health.  Without giving too much away, where do you suggest clients start?  Do you think that women have trouble identifying this in their own lives?
I think what I'm seeing is, actually, my friend and I are doing an e-book on "body love," because I'm seeing that women in their 20s are struggling with the question of "who am I?" along with their insecurities, about anything, really.  Most of the girls and women I have come across have an issue with their weight.  They don't like it, they want to be thinner, no one likes who they are or how to celebrate that.  I find this to be really sad!  No one wants to be what they see, which is just not real.  It's about trying to see that find what makes someone happy and how to get them to that place.  That's what my business is about, what is your realistic goal, and how can I help you get there.  It's about celebrating your uniqueness, celebrating being healthy.  Being really thin, that is not healthy.  Being happy and loving yourself from within is the most important thing.  

The one thing I didn't know in college and early 20s (I'm going to be 30 this year, ugh) ...that I learned is that, you have to love yourself first, or else no one else will love you.  I didn't understand that with men, but I do now.  Without loving yourself first, you won't get the respect you deserve.  That's what I always tell girls, because I see a lot who do not, which is really sad.

You're an ambassador for the Boston’s division of LevoLeague.  We've been to one LL event and got a lot out of it.  What do you think is the best part of that community for gen-Y women and how do you suggest our readers can get involved?
Well, I think that one, it's a strong group of women, which I love.  I think that a lot of the women are career-driven, and they want to have it all.  Which, we totally can!  I think it's really cool seeing women in their 20s wanting to go somewhere with their career.  It's something I did not give much thought to, myself, and was just wandering around in NY when I lived there.  What I've learned a lot and what I've seen in this community is that making connections with women, and seeing that women really want to get somewhere in their career is a drive in itself, along with exploring how can we get there?  

Your readers can get involved by coming to our events, which are awesome!  We're actually doing a fitness session... this month we're getting involved with yoga on the Esplanade (which is free), so we'll do that in the morning, and night since that's easier for some people. Hopefully, a monthly happy hour as well.  Everyone has voiced that they want a book club, which we did once, but I think we should start that again, which we plan to do.

If there is something you could tell your younger self, what would it be?
Oh, there's a laundry list... I think mostly, "What the hell was i thinking?!"  It's probably to have more confidence and really love myself, to trust that I'm doing the right thing (I always second guess myself).  I mean, having your own business is hard, because there is no one telling you what to do, you're navigating on your own.  But, I trust that this is my passion and I know that I will make it work out in the end.  I think a lot of women are afraid to have confidence because they don't want to come off cocky, but confidence is an amazing thing!
Gals, isn't Marthé an inspiration?!  We will be sure to include local LevoLeague events on our calendar.  As mentioned, you can find out more about Marthé and her expert services on her website, here.  

Thanks, Marthé for participating and helping young women of Boston discover their most confident, fabulous self!  We are looking forward to collaborating with you in the future!

- Meredith

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Summer Vacation Ideas

For me most summer weekends are spent outside of Boston either in Cohasset or Nantucket, but recently I have been looking to mix up my usual summer routine. Last week I was more than excited to hear that Newport, RI is now offering ferry services to Block Island, a small island 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. Running three times a day - 9 am, 12:05pm, and 6:45pm, the fast ferry zooms you off the mainland in just 70 minutes, and for just $50.

Now I personally have never been to Block Island, but with this news my boyfriend and I have already starting planning a September weekend trip filled with beach time, lighthouse tours, sight seeing and more. Have you been to Block Island? Share your tips with us!

For more information on traveling to Block Island:

Block Island Ferry
Block Island Tourism
The New York Times Travel Reviews

1  //   2  //  3  //  4  //  5

- Suzanne