Friday, September 19, 2014

Whole Food Detox Check-In

So I am about halfway through Team J+A's Whole Food Detox - their 14 day program that cuts out all processed foods and foods that can irritate and cause inflammation and bloating. This includes: soy, corn, gluten, red meat (I'm cutting out all meat), dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and added sugar. I know, that sounds awful and super-restricted, but it is surprisingly easy (minus the caffeine withdrawal headaches). Jody and Ashley provide a pretty awesome meal plan and recipes that have all been delicious so far! My main takeaway so far: tahini sauce is delicious on everything - and includes a decent amount of protein.

I was pretty exhausted for the first couple days after giving up coffee, but I look forward to seeing more of the positive impacts of detoxing next week. My goal is to feel increased energy and hopefully get rid of some regular bloating. And I'm sure my liver appreciates the break.

But hey, if those don't end up happening, at least I've learned some amazing new recipes! Stay tuned for updates.

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- Cameron

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Lace-Up: Love It or Hate It?

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L to R // black // nude // burgundy
R to L // taupe // navy // magenta // fog gray

You know when you see one (luxurious) item and everything else just falls to the wayside?  Well, that is what happened when I first saw this wish-list item of suede Aquazurra flats.  They're staying on the fantasy fashions pinboard, though.  And, as a somewhat heel-hater, because I am trying to add more heels to my shoe collection, I've rounded up much more budget-friendly options with mid-to-high heels, depending on your preference.

What do you think of the lace-up trend?  If you love it, would you need to have the heel or prefer the more literal translation of a ballet flat?  Let us know by commenting below, or via twitter // instagram!

- Meredith

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mini Daily Read: Free People Pinterest Boards

In case you've been stuck in the office all day, NEWSFLASH: fall is here. While it is hard to see summer go, its fun to look to pinterest as the seasons change and get inspired for the months to come. One of the most uplifting accounts the JUGs follow is Free People. We love their women in nature theme that borders bohemian, outdoorsy, and feminine. Their "crisp air" board is a great reminder that just because the temps are lower than 60, doesn't mean we need to shutter ourselves inside. All of their boards are perfectly curated with photos from other retailers and bloggers - we love that their boards aren't too sales-y. Free People are definitely some of Pinterest's best tastemakers! 

- Cameron

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Join JUGs Book Club

Join our book club by reading each of these books by the beginning of its designated month. During the first week of each month, we'll post our discussion questions so you can get more out of your reading! Feel free to post your answers/thoughts/or additional questions in the "comments" section. We are really excited for these next six reads! Enjoy.

- Cameron