Monday, November 17, 2014

The Week of November 17

Happy Monday!  Jumping right in on this gloomy day...

I sure can relate to this!  The video is interactive, too (click on an item and info appears)!

Notice any familiar faces here? Third Eye Chic Studio did a great job capturing the festive fun at the Boston Blogger event at Wayfair last weekend!

Make sure your home is winter-ready with these tips!

This post accurately outlines certain mascaras that have passed the "cry-baby" test.  I'll be needing this net year for wedding season!

round-up of some great picks for fall nail polish colors is a great resource for that ever-so-important life decision at the salon.

Did you know T. Swift makes house calls?  She stopped by a fan's home in CT (right by my alma mater!) last week to surprise an influenced fan and her family.

Our city gained a new juicery as of today, on School Street downtown.

Where does Jimmy Fallon dine while in Boston?  The North End, of course!

Check out what is sure to be a hit gift this year, created by a kid in the Bay state.

The Rowes Wharf skating rink is coming back as of Saturday!

The inner language geek in me found this interesting, there was a new font created for those with dyslexia, designed to help them read.

I mean, anyone out there with #RBF knows how true this is!

Into Serial?  Well, here's your new fix.

I love the fluidity of Vogue's witty questionnaire.  The latest is with Amy Adams.

An interesting read (and preview for a post to follow later this week!) on why millenials aren't saving money.

Are you an introvert?  Here are some great tips on networking.

Okay, you're an adult, right?  Now, be sure your fridge organization reflects such!

I've bookmarked this, and you should, too!  Refinery29 will be updating the page up through next week for Black Friday sales.

We hope you have a great week!  Be sure to check in every day, we have a big surprise in store!!

- Meredith

Friday, November 14, 2014

Switching Deodorants is an Instant Health Upgrade


Traditional deodorants are full of chemicals. And sure, these chemicals prevent sweat and keep your underarms smelling fresh for a full day, but did you know these deodorants also:
Why are we rubbing this poison on our skin everyday when there are so many great, chemical free options?! These four have been tested and approved by the JUGs. For newbies, we highly recommend Lavilin and Soapwalla because they last the longest. Other brands are effective, but require more frequent applications.

Convinced? Ready to make the switch to a non-toxic, natural deodorant? Head over to and enjoy 20% off!
Discount Code: LavilinDeodorant20

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Daily Read: Monika Hibbs










For those of you who have read blogs since the late 2000s, you know the veterans out there.  Monika Hibbs of Vancouver is one of those trailblazers many bloggers have followed since discovery.  She has a curated sense of style you just drool over, and it's easy to enjoy watching her picturesque adventures, most recently a trip to Vegas with her husband.  Her tasteful home decor DIYs and recommendations are my personal favorite piece of her strong brand.  I could definitely stare at her home tour all the livelong day!

It is not surprising she has been all over the press from Boston-local Style Me Pretty to HGTV to Glitter Guide, just to name a few.  Don't forget about Monika's shop, too, which we hope is replenishing soon before we start rolling out our gift guides in the coming weeks, it's definitely one of my go-to resources.  If Monika is what Vancouver is about, we better get there sooner than later!

- Meredith