Friday, April 26, 2013

Home Run Outfits: What to wear to Fenway

It's Red Sox season! Whether you're joining the other die hard fans at Fenway or just partaking in the festivities around the stadium, we feel "what are you going to wear to the game?" is a very common question amongst us gals, don't you think?

For most, the obvious outfit is throwing on your official team member t-shirt and worn in Red Sox hat, but what happens when you just don't feel like wearing your most commonly used gym t-shirt and need an outfit that transitions for multiple events throughout the day?

For Red Sox outfits I like to dress comfortable and casual (no one likes the overdressed girl at the stadium), always peppering in the team colors to show support. Some staple game day clothing items in my closet are: jeans (white or denim), low sneaks or sandals, a casual tee and an anorak or light long sleeve. What's your go to game day outfit?

Safari Jacket  //  Boyfriend Jeans  //  Chucks  //  Chambray Shirt  //  White Skinny Jeans  //  Toms  //  Striped T  //  Jorts   //  Sandals

- Suzanne

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