Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Card Displays

I just received a lovely Christmas card from fellow DC JUG, KCC!! Our cards have been falling all over the kitchen due to crappy fridge magnets, but luckily I have found some alternate ways to hang our cards via Pinterest. Check them out below.
More Pinterest Xmas Card Ideas

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Gift for the Chic Traveler (...or yourself)

A few weeks ago, I was packing my trusty Vera for a weekend in CT. As I went to throw in the necklaces I needed to coordinate with all of my (5) outfits (for less than 2 days), I realized I might want to take better care of my jewlz rather than just having them loose in my bag. So...I packed them in a boot. A BOOT. As luck would have it, when I was perusing one of my favorite sites yesterday, Joss & Main, I found something that would be MUCH more classy & protective (& less ghetto fab) to pack my jewelry in when going away for the weekend. I present to you...the Ame & Lulu Jewelry Clutch!

Unfortunately, there's only one design left on J&M...but they are available on the Ame & Lulu site for $38. My fav is the pagoda design pictured above, but they're all cute. Perfect for yourself, and an excellent gift idea for any lady travelers in your life!


Holiday Gift Ideas

I know I'm not alone in scouring the internet for gift ideas (not during the work day or anything...).  As an avid blog reader, I constantly find inspiration from postings around the globe for outfit ideas, home decor and the latest trends.  Many of my favorites within the blog world led me to finding a new (green) magazine yesterday.

To & From online magazine was founded by veteran bloggers Katie Anderson and Meg Biram.  This premiered yesterday and features many guides for gifting in a fun, organized way suggested by fellow bloggers!  T&F features suggestions based on your relationship to the recipient, specialized personality traits, multiple monogrammed items and even budget-friendly JUG Secret Santa recommendations!  Be sure to catch the DIY thrown in (potential winter craft night, perhaps?!).  After admiring it all, this debut issue is sure not to be their last!

Enjoy the 142 pages full of the holiday merriment here!  I take no blame if you catch my online shopping addiction...