Thursday, August 15, 2013

Work It Girl

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Lately I've waking up earlier allowing myself more time to get to work which means skipping the T and walking a little further to work instead. I've been really enjoying my "me time" in the mornings and it's extra nice knowing that I'm soaking up the last few moments of summer. The longer walk has not only refreshed my mind, given me a little extra exercise, curbed my twitter and instagram addiction, but most importantly it has made made me realize that sometimes a handbag just isn't practical. With a lap top, agenda, book, lunch and sometimes even more than all that, not only is my bag exploding, but so are my shoulder muscles. 

Because of this new dilemma I've been searching around for a two shoulder bag, aka a backpack, but a backpack that will say "I'm a with it 20 something, not a [enter college name] sophomore." I have to be honest, I actually really heart the Herschel Supply bags...and really want to get one with my next paycheck....

What's your pick, even if you wouldn't wear a backpack? 

- Suzanne

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