Friday, October 25, 2013

Let's Get Beard: World Series 2013

There is little in life I love more than October baseball.  This is obviously heightened when (and if) we're in the World Series.  Anddddd, WHAT. A YEAR. it has been for our Red Sox.  As Bostonians, the Sox put us through a lot with their historical roller coaster-like track record.  However, championship successes in 2004 and 2007 reminded us that although we tend to lose "hahd," we win "hahd," too!  Any true Sox fan is not lackluster, and this year has especially been one to believe!  One could argue that the ever-so-handsome manager John Farrell or solid acquisitions of rookies Bogaerts and Victorino have been driving forces to this year's turnaround.  Albeit two true factors, sports fans must remember that, in the game of baseball, along with talent comes superstition.

If you're just tuning into watching games now, our team has looked quite different than in year's past.  This can be traced back to spring training, with players following suit of Jonny Gomes' facial hair.  We saw more beards being grown throughout the 2013 season, which coincided with victories leading to an ALCS clench last Saturday night.  These beards are now famous, leading to some pretty great marketing items for the team, as can be seen below.  (Side note: worlds colliding here, as a serious fan of the show Workaholics who coined the lifestyle phrase, "Let's get weird," I'm convinced Boston has appropriately adopted this mantra.)

Be sure to cheer on Boston this weekend as games Saturday-Monday are in St. Louis with Wednesday/Thursday returning home to Fenway.  There's no doubt this video will help keep your spirits up during the away games...


- Meredith

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