Friday, March 8, 2013

Gilt Warehouse Sale This Weekend!

Get those credit cards ready, gals! The ever-popular source for quality designer duds is hosting an event this weekend in our very own city!  Thanks to a fellow JUG who gave me a heads up about ticket sales, I was able to grab admission for tonight's first round.

Aside from always wanting to check out this chic venue, the first ever LEED Platinum certified building in Boston, this event is sure to be a spectacle for any shopaholic.  Although Gilt offers daily sales like its competitors such as RueLaLa (Boston-based!) and Hautelook, Gilt tends to have the most drool-worthy designer brands. 

Despite my use of digital organization and filtering what are often pestering offers to suck you into the retail world, Gilt updates are one of the few I NEED to check daily.  Be sure to keep watch on the "City" section...currently featuring a deal for 50% off admission to the Urban Art Bar!

Your first step is to join Gilt if you are not already a member.  Then, grab a ticket for Saturday or Sunday while they last.  Gilt assures that inventory (clothing, accessories, home goods) will be replenished each day/session, woooooop!

Hope to see you there!

- Meredith


  1. Hi there,

    DC is having our Gilt Warehouse Sale starting tonight. Any tips? What tends to go first? How early do people start lining up? Thank you!!

  2. Happy Friday! Thanks for your comment and great questions!

    I got there early but still pretty close to the scheduled time. There was a line, but the doors hadn't opened yet so the wait was not bad (~20 minutes). I would recommend getting there maybe 30-45 minutes before the start so you can be near the front once they allow entry (have your ticket ready!). Gilt kept everything very organized, you remain in the line while checking your coat and until you spill out to the shopping mayhem!

    I wore athletic clothes which helped in trying things on over light layers and not bothering with the general dressing "room" (open space behind a curtain). I shot right to the back of the warehouse, assuming most would start up front and work their way back. In doing the opposite, I felt I was able to see items before others. If something appeared to be my style and size, I grabbed it then edited later on. In the end, I only ended up with one item, but it's a Trina Turk dress I know I'll get a lot of wear out of and was about 80% off of retail!

    Have fun and good luck tonight! We'd love to hear about your experience, please let us know how it goes!

  3. Thank you so much for the guidance! My sale starts tonight at 9:30, so I'm figuring I'll do a drive by at 8:30 and hopefully there will be no line. I like your strategy of going to the back. I'm hoping that's where the handbags will be! lol Did you find there were a lot of housewares there? I'm kind of contemplating wedding gifts. Other than that, I have my list of needs ready. Did you find they had all the clothes jumbled together? Or were they (fingers crossed) arranged by size and type of item e.g. pants, dresses, suits etc.?

    Thanks again!! (A shopper w a plan gets the best goods!)

  4. Great plan, Kat! I ended up cabbing it to the event, so even better if you have a car/shopping buddy!

    The handbags were in front at the Boston event, but I'm sure setup depends on the venue. I was honestly a bit disappointed by the lacking housewares selection... only saw some silver picture frames, some Kate Spade bedding and pet accessories (random, no?).

    The clothes were organized by size. Not going to lie, my arms were tired by the end of the night from the weight of items grabbed! I stayed about 1.5 hours to be sure I scoured the whole inventory. Look out for those jewel toned items, so key for this year!

    Hope you get some "wicked" good deals!
    <3 JUGs

  5. Thank you so much for the reminder!! I've got my list of what I REALLY want so I can kind of do a targeted search while also grabbing as many pretty things as I can in my size that catch my eye. I'm a bit worried after researching I'm going to find nothing I like! lol

    I'll be sure to report back!

  6. Kat, how did it go last week?? Any good buys? We wonder if the DC sale was any similar to ours here a few weeks ago...

  7. We have the lowdown on this weekend's Gilt City Chicago Warehouse Sale: Everything you need to know about the shopping frenzy. survival warehouse emergency food