Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Essentials

Gals, my favorite day of the year is ALMOST here!  My Birthday, Christmas... The celebration of my (and most Bostonians’) ancestors.  St. Patrick’s Day was originally the feast day of Saint Patrick, a commemoration of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.  As much as I respect our patron saint and the Irish heritage, let’s face it; over the last few hundred years, the holiday has become a celebration of... debauchery.  Although we do not dye our river green, Boston does this holiday the best.

Myself and other Boston JUGs are veterans in the St. Patty’s Day sport.  Whether you have grown up in the area or recently moved to our great city (only one of two where the 17th is considered a legal holiday), here are the essentials you will need for a fun, celebratory day with your favorite guys and gals for the ultimate Sunday Funday!

1.  If it is still possible, take off Monday the 18th.  You earn vacation days for a reason, right?!  Luckily, here in MA, Evacuation Day is often a gift from employers.  If you do have to work, take it easy and consider this a lesson learned for next year!

2.  Don’t overdo it on Friday/Saturday.  You and your out-of-state guest(s) of honor will need to save that energy for the actual day!  Although, be sure to head to Jackie’s Packy or other local package store on these days since business hours shortened on Sundays.

3.  On Sunday, head to Southie.  Even if you have never been, don’t let these characters deter you.  This mostly-Irish neighborhood is THE place to be.

pepperoni dip
4.  Be green!  Wear green (duh), bring your hostess a snack in a reusable container and hold onto that water bottle for you to refill throughout the day with your pick of poison.

5.  View the one of the oldest parades around (unless the DJ at your party is spinning jams so great you just can’t leave the yard/yahd), see the parade route prior to choosing your spot.

author's favorite
6.  Socialize!  Put those phones away, embrace the start of spring (fingers crossed for good weather!), mingle with other party guests and thank those hosting the party, it’s more work than one may think!  Tomorrow we'll have suggestions on Boston guys you should be on the lookout for!

7.  Make sure you get home safely, whether it is walking with a group, taking public transportation or cabbing it.

How do you plan to honor the homeland?  Be sure to follow up on twitter and instagram for updates from our weekend of celebrating!  

- Meredith

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