Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 1

Ready to get in the holiday spirit? We are! While we do think it is a little absurd that some stores already have their Christmas decorations up, we do appreciate the go-getters that come prepared for the season. After all, no one likes to be stressed out on Christmas Eve, which is why we thought we'd help you out. In the upcoming weeks we will comb through the best gifts for the holiday season and every Thursday right up until December 25th we will be bringing you our own JUGS Approved Gift Guides, each guide with it's own theme. Today, we kick off with the an easy, but necessary one, a small gift for any hostess, whether it's your best friend, sister-in-law, your mom, your boyfriend's mom or a friend of a friend, we're sure you'll be asked back!

- Suzanne

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