Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The New Workout Plan

Burnt out at the gym or looking to save a few bucks and still get fit? Have no fear! There's numerous free (and really fun) group workouts popping up all over the city and we've got the list here to help get your sweat on!

Move Sweat Love Cardio Pilates Bootcamp
If you follow us on twitter you probably know by now that I am a huge fan of Ali's and love her classes. Her cardio pilates class comes equipped with a great teacher, a DJ playing all the latest dance jams and some really kick butt workouts. Held on the North End Greenway, her class is a great way to kick off your week and get some extra time outside after work. Her last class is Monday, September 16th at 6:30 pm, but follow her on facebook to find out where her classes pop up next. Fingers crossed she does something through Fall!

The November Project
I'm sure many of you have heard of the November Project as it has somewhat of a cult following. Occurring Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6:30 am, the November Project attracts large groups of up to 300 or more getting their sweat on before work. Monday's workout location changes but the game is always the same - #DestinationDeck, where a deck of card and the dealer determines your workout. Wednesday is killer leg action as you climb the stairs at Harvard Stadium (I did this last week and am just getting feeling back in my legs), and Friday is crushing hills in Brookline. Check out their site and informational videos for more.

City Sports Free Workout Events
City Sports is a great store to keep tabs on. Not only do they have great gear and sales, but they frequently sponsor free classes including yoga, pilates, and cross-fit. They also offer clinics on nutrition and training for high intensity sports like marathons and triathlons.  Check out your local City Sports store for more information on their classes and weekly running clubs.

The Z Spot Zumba
Every Monday in September the South End's Z Spot Zumba is teaching free sessions in Boston's City Hall plaza at 6:30 pm. Bring your mat, water and sneaks and get ready to start dancing! For more information check out their facebook page for weekly updates.

We hope you can get out to some of these fun events!  And don't be nervous about being "the uncoordinated one" in the group - everyone is learning together and it's all about personal improvement!

- Suzanne

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