Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wedges, please!

1 ($60) // 2 ($71) // 3 ($60) // 4 ($80 ) // 5 ($70 ) // 6 ($70)

Within the last week, I finally made moves in changing over my closet to summer wear.  Sadly, my favorite wedges from last year broke after just one season.  I'm not big on heels, so wedges are great for added height and add some glam to a breezy summer look.  I wanted to spend less than $100, and all of these fit the bill!  Which would you pick?!  Or should I just buy these again?

- Meredith


  1. TOMS! I love my Toms wedges (though they are a little tall for my taste)

  2. I am LUSTING over the TOMS wedges... have been for about three summers now and should probably just suck it up and make the purchase :)

  3. I love that first gold pair! If only I hadn't just bought a pair of gold sandals...