Monday, June 17, 2013

ALT outfit choices (1 of 3)

Today marks the start of a long-awaited week for us JUGs!  Wednesday night, we will be en route to NYC since we have AltSummit on Thursday, held at the Martha Stewart Headquarters (eeeek!).  We obtained these tickets back in the winter, and have been counting down ever since.

Later this week we'll update you on our agenda, but for now, we're focusing on packing.  Thursday will be a full day of networking and intriguing seminars, so we need to dress comfortably.  An outfit that can take us from day to night is also key.  Between today and Wednesday, we'll be presenting outfit options for you to help us choose!

First up...

Which of these jewel-toned inspired looks should I wear?

- Meredith


  1. Outfit #2...Love that skirt and any maxi with a jean jacket looks amazing! With a black tank so it can easily translate to a night outfit.

  2. Outfit #2! I LOVE that skirt!!

  3. Outfit 2 - that maxi skirt is amazing!

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  5. Thanks, all! Going with choice #2, it was unanimous! #ALTnyc attendees, look for the green maxi and denim jacket!

  6. I LOVE that bag - where can I get it? :)

  7. Thanks, Eli! It's Tory Burch, few years back...