Saturday, June 29, 2013

Daily Read: SBW


I've always been someone who has admired designer things.  In trying to be smarter with finances, I've become much better with window shopping rather than entering in my (memorized) credit card number.  A main source to see the latest trends and amazing luxury duds is the the blogosphere. 

This new blog caught my attention a few weeks ago, Shit Bloggers Wear.  These are hand-sketched by the blog author, Cecilia Doan, based out of Portland, Oregon.  As you can see, she is an extremely talented artist!  Cecilia features the "it" item that major "blog queens," if you will, own and are out of reach for us regular gals. 

I would buy one of these in a second when and if she puts them online to sell, any of them would be the perfect piece for a gallery wall.  What do you say, Cecilia, open up a shop so gals like myself can bring luxury home?!

- Meredith

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