Friday, January 17, 2014

JUGs Approved: The REAL Bachelor


I'll preface today's post with the fact that the act of watching "The Bachelor" came into my life involuntarily.  After catching bits and pieces* during college, I was not a fan, and I don't typically shy away from buzz-worthy reality TV.  Earlier this week, Joanna said it best:

“The Bachelor” is kind because he has no reason not to be. He’s generous because he has a production team purchasing intense, expensive experiences for your dates. He’s funny because you’ve both been flown to a charming village in Switzerland and a funny little cow wandered up behind your picnic. If you want to insist that the show is about falling in love, then it’s more accurate to say it’s about falling in love with being on vacation.

Amen, sister. Whether or not you agree, I am telling you, you NEED to stop DVRing Juan Pablo and start watching this show, an accurate depiction of how silly "The Bachelor" is. Thanks to a friend's introduction to this amazingly hysterical cast, Burning Love quickly became a favorite of mine. It started off as a web series and has luckily hit primetime TV on E! early last year. The show was written by Ken Marino's wife, Erica Oyama. Talk about a perfect marriage. I'd go into how much I love Ken Marino and the men in Burning Love season 2, but that's a discussion for another day.

Don't you want to hold Mark's hose?!


- Meredith

*Okay, I did watch Sean's season last year but only to participate in a bracket. #knewitwascatherine

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