Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Daily Read: Designlovefest

If you are looking for an inspiring young woman to follow in 2014, look no further than Bri Emery, LA-based art director and founder of the lifestyle and design blog, Designlovefest

On Designlovefest, Bri goes beyond just sharing pinable photography (trust me, you will want to follow her on every social network) from her beautifully styled fashion and interior design shoots, but she also shares her expertise and her process behind her work. 

With her DIY tutorials series, "Make It," and her very popular (and national traveling) Blogshop sessions, Bri and her team are growing a large and collaborative network of blogger women around the country. Now isn't that a refresher from all the outfit stealing, blogger competitive mumbo jumbo?

And then, if that isn't cool enough, aside from producing her own content for the blog, Bri has contributed her professional design eye to many other brands and blogs that you may have heard- eh hm Rue, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Top Shop, The Beauty Department, and Gap to name a few. Basically, Bri and her team have got it going on. 

The best part is, if any of you are drooling over her career right now, the most important thing to realize is that Bri is showing us that you can create your dream job.

Please, add Designlovefest to your feedly, you won't regret it! Then follow Bri on instagram and pinterest. And thennnn, request for Blogshop to make a stop in your city ('cmon gals, let's get them to come to Boston)!

- Suzanne

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