Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Daily Read: Luella and June

Bradley Agather Means is a woman who does. it. all.  The Dallas-based blogger and magazine fashion editor (at only 27!) shares her daily musings via beauty, clothing and lifestyle finds any gal can relate to.  Bradley's blog, Luella & June, presents her curated picks with readers.  I just cannot get enough, which is why she is one of my favorite daily reads!

It is easy to see why others agree, Bradley has been featured on The EverygirlBarney's New York (her 2012 picks are still on trend!) and more.  Her 2013 wedding was incredibly chic, and I could read her articles for hours, especially what she would take from her closet in the event of a fictitious fire... a true fashionista!  Be sure to join us in reading Luella & June daily for some of the best home, lifestyle and fashion forecasting around!

- Meredith

photos from Luella & June blog and Bradley on Instagram

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