Tuesday, September 23, 2014

App Review: Spring

If Instagram and Tinder had a baby and that baby loved shopping, it'd be Spring, the latest mobile shopping app that expects to be a serious game changer in the e-commerce world.

With your Spring account you can follow brands and their latest products will display on your feed. From there you can like an item (to save to your "Loves" list), share an item with a friend, or buy it on the spot. Pretty cool right?

You can discover new brands or trends via the "Discover" section where stylists and lookbooks are displayed or you can browse via category or the master list of shops available on the app. Many name brands like Warby Parker,Vince, Mara Hoffman, and Joie, area already on the app but what's really cool is when you sign up, Spring also defaults you to follow a bunch of underground brands. While some might be a strike and a miss for your style, it is great exposure for the brands and helps any gal who doesn't want to dress like every other gal (aka a basic betch), discover new designers. Unfollowing brands is also as simple as click "Unfollow," which is what I am in the process of doing for anyone that is way over my budget, cough cough Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, etc.

Some of my new favorite and cost friendly stores that Spring helped me discover include:

USA based swimsuit company that uses vintage and reclaimed textiles to create their colorful styles.

Industry Standard
Minimalist skinny jeans that start at $95 (amazing).

Bing Bang Jewelry
Made by a former blacksmith, their jewelry is badass with a femine touch.

My biggest and only gripe with the app is that it's so easy to purchase and item once you put in your payment info and frankly I'm a little scared of what might happen after a few glasses of wine. Maybe I should email them and ask them to put in a passcode or some sort of intoxicated blocker...

To learn more about Spring visit these helpful links:


Quick Purchases, Sleek Brands, No Social: How New App Spring Looks To Crack Mobile Shopping (Forbes)

- Suzanne

(Images via Forbes)

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